February 28, 2017


OMG... I don't think I've every loved socks until now. Fishnet socks with sneakers are just SO HOT. Like auto 10 cool kid points hot. Its a subtle touch of texture for those who don't want to venture all the way to full fishnet tights (aka me) but still give that touch of sexy edge. And trust me, I'm not a sock person but these socks... these socks will have me wearing them while singing 'Black Socks' at the top of my lungs hoping that this trend never dies.

Don't get me wrong I also love this trend with heels, these socks can really do no wrong!

When you thought loafers, couldn't get any cooler...

Anyways, as you can tell I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this trend and you'll definitely be seeing me rocking it this spring!

If you're looking to purchase some fishnet socks, here are some links:

Images from Pinterest

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