July 19, 2014

Trending | Fit is the new Chic

If this isn't proof that sportswear is the new cool I don't know what is. Our favourite luxury site Net-a-Porter, which we are all guilty of browsing filling up the shopping cart and rapidly exiting before we hit pay, has launched a specific sportswear section. Its like a curated museum of beautiful performance pieces. I quickly browsed and most of it is pretty affordable compared to other parts of the site where you can buy a couture gown for $5000+. I can't wait until they add more pieces to this part of the site, I can see it being a great place to get those new workout pieces that will motivate one to hit the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle and bod.

Other news in the world of sporting goods and fashion plus tech, we have the latest refresh of the Fitbit with Tory Burch, it's some bling that will do you good. Love the geometric pattern and mix of gold and black. Its quite ostentatious, but hey, who wouldn't want to make their work out a bit more glamorous? Wearable tech is the baby of fashion and technology, I can see a lot of future design collaborations for lifestyle products with the trending "let's be healthy!" attitude more and more people are adopting today.

I personally hope to one day be working in the field of sportswear and performance apparel since I think its the perfect blend of fashion and industrial design.

Images from Net-a-Porter & FitBit

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