June 1, 2014

Inspiration | Braided Backs

I got that west coast vibeeeeeee... if you havent listened to West Coast by The Neighbourhood, you should! 

If the sun was God, I'd be covered in faith,
If the ocean was the devil, I'd be covered in hate 
I'm so west coast, it's a goddamn shame
I'm so west coast, it's a goddamn shame


Anyways....open backs...are sexy. 

Its a fact, no ifs or buts. I dare you to say one thing that suggests an open back isn't alluring! It's such a large part of the body but always forgotten, especially in the winter months. Sunny weather brings out less clothing and why not do it tastefully and show some skin on your back? Perfect to pair with shorts or skirts for those upcoming music festivals. Can't wait to make a collection of them all in different colours!

Images from here, here, here and here.

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