May 10, 2013

Sunflower & Stripes Nail Art

As promised, a happy spring manicure, inspiration from here. It's fairly easy to do, you just need a bit more patience than the average person but the end result is totally worth it. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of compliments I've gotten on both my manicure and my dress! Happy nail art-ing! (Nail art-ing? Nail painting? I don't know if there's actually a verb for one doing nail art!)


What you'll need:

  • White nail polish (here)
  • Blue nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Black rhinestones
  • Stripping brush or a tooth pick
  • Base coat (optional) and top coat


  1. Apply base coat and base colour which in this case is white. Allow the polish to dry.
  2. Take your stripping tool or toothpick and make petals with the yellow polish
  3. Take you stripping tool or toothpick and with the blue polish draw stripes on your first and third finger
  4. Apply the rhinestones with clear nail polish
  5. Finish off with a top coat to seal everything in.


  1. Rad combo of stripes and sunflower florals - STEADY hands!! The monochrome stripes remind me of those humbug sweets :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA


  2. Love it!

    Please check out my J'adore give-away! X


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