May 7, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Alexander Wang Duffel Bag

Image from here

I've been lusting after this Alexander Wang Rocco Stud-Bottom bag for quite some time and while wandering through Zara the other day, I found THE perfect DIY solution! The Zara bowler bag from the trf section (here & here) is the perfect candidate for this DIY, made of man-made leather it'll be a whole lot lighter than the real version (not to mention cheaper) and all you would need is a bit of time and some flat head cone studs. This is definitely a DIY I would love to work on this summer, here's to hoping I can get all the supplies I need! 

Zara trf bowler bag + flat head studs = DIY inspired Alexander Wang Bag  


  1. I've never even thought about buying a purse at Zara. wow. Good ideas!

  2. Love this! Great DIY, that Zara bag is the perfect size. Thanks for sharing!

  3. fantastica idea! es genial!!


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