March 10, 2013

Leather for Spring

Date Night: Leather Bustier
To start you off, here are three styles which include a leather piece, these outfits would be perfect for spring!

Leather is always staple in fall trends but I would love to see it transition into the spring and summer months. It's an excellent way to add edge to an outfit and I personally kind of have an obsession with leather jackets. For this upcoming spring season I would love to see people take the challenge and incorporate a leather piece into their outfits. Leather can come off as harsh and super edgy but I think if you paired it with spring pastels, it would balance out the frilly pieces giving your outfit a new dimension with structure. 

Weekend Errands: Leather Skirt

The Cool Kid: Leather Shorts

1 comment:

  1. I love the pink leather top. I'm, kind of, addicted to all things leather. I love had it gives an edgy factor to outfits.


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