January 30, 2013

New In & Thrifting Guide

Zara Wedges barely worn $9.99 / Rhinestone Necklace to DIY $9.99 / Tiger Pendant to modify $1.99
The best times to go thrift is to go on a whim, no plans, no goals, just out of the blue. If you set up expectations, it just always leads to disappointment ESPECIALLY when thrifting. I went into Value Village with my friend Tricia today just because, and we both managed to find some great things! Had I gone in intentionally to find, say a sequined black blazer with a white lapel (I wouldn't wear that, but as an example)...I would PROBABLY walk out empty handed unless, magically the thrifting gods placed it at my feet and I tripped over it. 

Here are some tips for THRIFTING:

  1. Go with NO EXPECTATIONS (as mentioned above) but is the key to whether or not a thrifting trip is successful
  2. Look through EVERY RACK, things aren't always organized and people never place things back where they belong. You may find an amazing Mens band shirt, or a misplaced Small shirt in the Large section.
  3. Check the SHOES & ACCESSORIES, a lot of the time people skimp on the accessories and shoes because they all look worn and old. Not going to lie, more than half the things in the shoe section I would never wear, but there are always new or barely worn shoes that someone didn't fit into, definitely worth it to take a look. As for accessories, you may just find the perfect belt/jewelry/scarf for your wardrobe. I love looking through the cases, and you can find the cutest vintage pieces for very cheap!
  4. TAKE YOUR TIME! Thrifting takes time, make sure you give yourself a good amount of time, never rush because you will miss out on that ONE great piece! Thrifting always takes up more time than you think, especially when your elbows deep through racks and racks of clothes!
  5. Bring a FRIEND :) It's a lot of fun to pull ridiculous pieces, and a second opinion is always welcome. You may get the "sale price" syndrome, so an honest YAY or NAY is great, or your newly acquired piece of clothing will end up at the back of your closet, and eventually donated back to the same place you got it from.


  1. Wow, I was never good at dealing and thrifting...more by accident than by caluclated looking. Great tips!

    Btw, Giveaway is up on my blog! Win a Turquoise Sirena Bracelet!


  2. Whoa! That rhinestone necklace is gorg! I need to thrift where you do!!
    xo jess

  3. Love the necklaces!!! In thrifting stores you can find treasures!



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