October 8, 2012

Show me your Bootie!

"These boots are made for walking..." to quote Jessica Simpson. Fresh for fall are boots, booties in particular. Not yet cold enough for knee high boots, but not warm enough for sandals; booties (or ankle boots) are the perfect solution for a fall touch. I've been on the hunt for comfortable ankle boots for a while and just ordered two pairs! Super excited to have them come in the mail, but I don't think I'll have them in time before I put this post up. I always fall in love with booties that seem to have some absurdly large heel and then I can't walk in them comfortably.

Comfort is a big thing, especially when you're a student and running between classes in basically mandatory. Here are some tips when shopping for booties:

  1. Make sure you know your body shape, some booties look better on others, If you have longer legs you can go for any type of bootie, but if you have slightly shorter legs, I wouldn't recommend a mid-calf booties, it'll cut off your legs and make you appear shorter.
  2. Wear skinny jeans (or leggings), you want to show your booties off, so why wear them under baggy pants? When trying on a pair of shoes, wear similar clothes that you would pair with the shoe to get a sense of how you could incorporate it into your wardrobe style
  3. Quality. It's preferable to get booties that are sturdier and made of good quality materials. They will last you for more than one season. Which also brings up the point of whether you even want them to last for more than one season if you're trying to go for a trendier look.
  4. Heel Height: If you're a student like me, you probably won't want a heel more than 2". Anything above 2" tends to put too much pressure on the balls of your feet over an extended amount of time
  5. Don't settle! If its not your "OMG I NEED TO HAVE THAT!" bootie, don't get it. You'll be able to find something better! Don't get discouraged!
I hope that helps! Following my own guidelines the two pairs I got are the following:

Zara Studded Biker Ankle Boots
I'm anticipating great outfits from these boots! I love the edgy feel and black leather is one of my favourite fall textiles ever!

Hibou Antakya Booties from Little Burgundy
These are arriving later this week, but they remind me a lot of the Jeffery Campbell ones, just minus the studs. I did try on the Jeffrey Campbell's but I couldn't figure out how they could truly be incorpoated into my wardrobe seamlessly, so they were a miss. Lovely shoes though. Back to the Antakya Booties, soft distressed grey black leather, laid back and SUPER comfortable. I'm excited to wear these with tights and shorts.

The best part of these booties are that I could walk for days, and they wouldn't hurt my feet!

I think I own a collective of 7-8 pairs of booties (guilty!) here are posts styled with booties for inspiration here & here.


  1. Love black boots especially with studs :) Nice!

    1. me too! I really hope my Zara store can order those in for me! *crosses fingers*


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