September 29, 2012

WanderLust and Co Review

I think I have a bracelet fetish, I can't seem to have enough. When Wanderlust + Co was having their birthday sale, I decided to purchase two new bracelets and they arrived today. Considering it's being shipped from Australia, it got her pretty quickly, just under 2 weeks.

Love the packaging, it makes it super cute and I'm crazy about the X-Large D-link Bracelet, the Burgundy coloured leather is perfect for Fall. I like the Wrapped Up Bow Ivory Cuff, not in love though just because it fits a bit funny, but that may be due to the fact that I have extremely small wrists.

Overall, I like Wanderlust and Co and will be ordering more from them! Visit they're Facebook Page, (they have weekly Giveaways on Fridays), Twitter and Instagram.



  1. These bracelets are super cute .The white one is my favorite.Your blog is amazing can't wait to see more!
    XO Tatianna

    1. Thanks Tatianna! I'll be sure to check out your blog as well :)You can still get the white bracelet online

  2. These bracelets are amazing! I must check this company out ;)


    1. Thanks for stopping by Miranda! And you definitely should! They have a lot of amazing pieces!


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