September 5, 2012

My Summer Vacation...

It's back to school and the assignment I would always get in grade school would be to write about "My Summer Vacation". Well, as you guys know, I've been gone for the last week and a half road-tripping (is that a word?) with the family.We explored the Gaspésie Peninsula and the drive was breathtaking! I don't really have any fashion photos for you guys from this trip, but I do have some photos to show you.

Not many people know this, but I am a certified Open Water Diver, and I was lucky enough to go scuba diving at Percé, Quebec. I've always had an interest in aquatic things, so scuba diving was just another way for me to explore the underwater world. I went diving in 13 degrees Celsius water, crazy cold, I know! But it was so worth it! The diving sites at Percé is one of the best in Eastern Canada and I was able to see seals, and huge lobsters that had claws bigger than my head. There were starfishes of every colour imaginable and green sea urchins littered the rocks while crabs would scurry along the seabed.

Needless to say, it's been an amazing trip and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family and all the nature gazing. Hopefully all of you guys had a great summer vacation as well!


P.S. Since school is starting, I can't promise a lot of updates, but I'll try my best to post at least once a week! You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more frequent updates and some things that don't get featured on the blog. Thank you guys for reading! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Click to see more photos.

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