September 18, 2012

Everything's Just Better with a Cup of Tea

Maybe I've been living under a rock, but Davids Tea is honestly a brilliant aromatic addiction! Their abundant choices of teas and fragrant aromas lured me in to sample a few teas. Hell, as a designer, caffeine is a basic necessity and while I'm not much of a coffee drinker (though that may change) I'm an avid tea drinker.

I simply love their unique and simple packaging and their insane amount of choices. I had a hard time choosing just one favourite but I'm leaning towards the herbal, black and green teas. I'm not one for a super sweet tea but anything with a hint of cinnamon draws me in. So far, I've tried Forever Nuts, "a best-selling nutty jumble of almonds, apple bits, cinnamon and beetroot turns crazy pink when steeped. It's totally nuts. Caffeine -free" and it's a fun and healthier alternative to juice. I've also tried Green Seduction (organic) "a tempting organic blend of green tea, rose-nips, and pomegranates. It's sweetly tart and seductive on every level. Kosher" and it's quite refreshing when iced.

Looking into their Fall Menu of teas, I can't wait to try Indian Summer, Pumpkin Chai and Toasted Marshmallow. What are your favourite Davids Teas? Comment below :)


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