August 3, 2012

Just Another Day at the Beach

Britannia Bay Beach

Summer + beach = no brainer

Sadly, if you live where I do, there is no such thing as an ocean without traveling far and wide. But whenever I get the chance to go to a beach, I take it! I don't know what it is, but beaches just get me super excited. Maybe its because I'm a beach comber. I always leave with an assortment of things from sea glass to driftwood sticks. Not to mention the eye candy at beaches never hurt anyone either *wink wink*

The lifeguard station, but sadly it was sans hot lifeguards :(

Yes, I do know it's August! But I just only had some time and company to go to the beach with today. Some necessities for me are: water, cute bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel and a cute beach tote. Anything else is optional really but lip chap and snacks are also good.

Bathing suit from French Connection. I love the pattern!

Beach tote: to hold EVERYTHING! I just think the fish on the side is the cutest thing ever!

Enjoying the sun :)

Spend some time in the sun, we Canadians need to soak up all the Vitamin D possible! Once winter hits.....well lets just say we're a bit pasty!


P.S. Yes. Yes, I did have a bit of fun with my phone and Instagram. Don't judge!

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  1. Im so jealous of your sun times ! Im in the cold and miserable Melbourne !!!

    Love your blog



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