August 7, 2012

Fancy Fall Footwear :: Aldo

I haven't had the best experiences with ALDO, but lately their designs and quality seem to be going up. I've been eying quite a few of their fall shoes and I wish they were all on sale! I hate paying retail price but I may this time.....The shoes are just too damn cute!
Ostlie Flat

Loafer style flats have been an emerging trend and I would love to get my hands on these leopard print ones! (Did I mention these are leather?!)
Bracknella Over the Knee Boot

I am in love with boots. If I could wear boots all the time, I would! Ankle boots are my weakness, but these over the knee ones look pretty bad-ass. It's definitely a plus that they're made of leather, I really dislike pleather especially when I want pieces to last for many seasons. My last pair of ALDO shoes were pleather and didn't even last through one complete season!

St. Lucia Park Pumps
And lastly, love the deep wine/burgundy colours of these heels! They would be a great alternative to black and are the perfect colour to work into your fall warderobe.

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