August 6, 2012

DIY Tutorial:: Being a Glamourai

Rings are pretty cool, and they even got cooler when designers came out with the double ring. Sure it gets a bit complicated if you try to use chopsticks and your fingers are stuck together but it looked cool! (plus, you could of just switched the ring to a different hand, duh!)

I came across a post on eat.sleep.wear and fell in love with her Plukka rings. They are currently being sold for $685 USD. Ya, I don't have that money! YAY for DIY. Of course the DIY version doesn't have diamond bands, but I managed to get all my materials gold plated AND I think I spent a collective of $5 with tax. Pretty good for a DIY version huh?

No need to break the bank, just keep on reading to make your own ring with a bit of an edge.

Inspired by The Glamorai Ring by Plukka, as seen on eat.sleep.wear. :

image from eat.sleep.wear.

Continue reading for DIY instructions.


  • chain
  • soldered rings: 20mm & 16mm
  • jump rings
  • pliers

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