July 10, 2012

Western Flowers

Top: DIY t-shirt
Skirt: DIY skirt
Boots: Bos & Co. Cowboy Boots
Sunglasses: Coach
Bag: Vintage Dior from grandma
Bracelet: ATOD Bracelets in Neon Orange

Happy Tuesday everybody!

I had taken photos of my outfit last week before heading out to the movies and thought it would be fun to break out my cowboy boots again. The soft leather and minimal stitching details make them a perfect compliment to my bold floral skirt.

My friends and I went to go see the Amazing Spiderman, and Andrew Garfield was a pretty hot Spiderman ;) Definitely recommend the movie, especially if you're a Marvel fan. The best part was that the system was down at the theater so we all got free small drinks and popcorn. Free is always good!


P.S. Remember the post Orange Crush? I've finally convinced Rachel to start her own style blog, check it out: Ivory Road.

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