July 16, 2012

The Ballet of Tutus

At one point in my life I thought I would become a ballerina, those dreams kind of got squashed when I stopped going to ballet lessons, for this I blame my parents for making me only chose two extracurricular activities when I hit Grade 3 (they made it mandatory that one had to be swimming, I really hated swimming lessons back then). I've always admired how long point shoes made legs look and the costumes that the ballerinas got to wear were to die for. Who wouldn't want to be wearing tutus covered in Swarovski crystals?

The Design Exchange currently has exhibitions that feature costumes from the National Ballet. Highly recommended. I stopped by Saturday and I was mesmerized by the delicate glittering costumes. I think I've decided for Halloween I'm going to go as a ballerina. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but a little Swarovski crystal friendship never hurt anyone either.


Loving the crystals!! AHHHHHHHHH :D
White Swan?
Imagine how good your legs would look!

More pictures after the break

So many costumes made of weird and unexpected things, but gorgeous none the less

Black Swan?
Crystal embellished butterflies. I think these butterflies would look great as hair accessories!

A whole new meaning to a thousand paper cranes huh?

Gotta keep up with technology!

Chinese fans as a tutu, who would of thought?

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