July 28, 2012

Favourite Beauty Gurus

I've always been intrigued by makeup and how it can transform you just like clothing. Some of my favourite make-up gurus are huge YouTube sensations and I absolutely love all of them! Their tutorials are great, reviews of products all that fun stuff. Playing with make up and experimenting is always so much fun and I never get tired of it!

Some of my favourite beauty gurus are the following:
Lisa Eldridge (love her!!! Lisa's just fabulous all the time and she's just so talented!)

Jen from fromheadtotoe (best drugstore make up reviews!)

Gossmakeupartist (fun reviews and tutorials)

Michelle Phan (great tutorials and love love love the little films that tell stories behind a look, very cute!)
Xteener (fun and affordable makeup used in tutorials, which I love  as a student with a budget)

What are some of your favourite beauty gurus? Comment below :)


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