July 8, 2012

Distillery District - Cube It!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts but I had left my camera at home and am currently in Toronto for the week! But with my new smart phone I'd super glad for its camera. I'll be sharing photos of my trip throughout this week and hopefully the quality will be good.

I arrived in Toronto yesterday and today I spent the day exploring the Distillery District with a friend. There were tonnes of super cool jewelry and restaurants. My favourite was the SOMA Chocolate Tier, my friend recommended the truffles and they were wonderful! I tried the Sparky Truffle and the Truffle of the Month. Sparky Truffle wins hands down!! Its a truffle filled with pop rocks! How awesome is that?
Sparky - the pop rock truffle!
There were multiple galleries as well, being a designer this was pretty cool. The whole time I was just thinking, such awesome studio spaces! Favourite gallery was the Cube Works Gallery, they are known for their Rubik Cube art pieces.

A favourite in the Distillery District

Rubik Cube Artwork - Comic Words

Figurines and wire mesh bodies
More pictures after the break!

Tomato Soup can created from Rubik Cubes
Top to bottom, left to right: Lady made from nails covered in resin into painted cement, old records on painted canvas, assortment of brightly coloured ceramic objects, a mosaic of Einstein

Till my next adventure in Toronto!


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