July 13, 2012

Dior Plaza

As mentioned earlier, Holt Renfrew was having a Dior Manicure Mania event. Booked my appointment and arrived at Holt Renfrew and there were employees busy beautifying peoples hands. I wandered around Holt Renfrew while waiting for my appointment (they have a great sale going on btw) and contemplated what colour I wanted. I've never used Dior polishes before but the formula applied really well onto the nails. I chose Plaza, its a nice pink-magenta colour, almost the same colour as Holt Renfrew. The part that drew me to the event was the nail art. Dior had this nail art printing machine that laser prints a design onto specially treated nails.

Dior Nail Polish in Plaza. Wonderful colour!

Dior Cuticle Nail Treatment Cream. I found it left a sticky residue.

I personally wasn't blown away by the end result but it was a fun thing to try. I found the printed image to be a bit grainy. It took two attempts for mine to work, the first time, the machine wasn't prepared properly and it didn't really print onto my nail. The second time it worked out and you can clearly see the Christian Dior crest. Overall, cool nail art technology but needs a lot of improvements.


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