July 11, 2012

Deal of the Day: F21

Deal of the Day: Belts from F21 for $1.50!!! 
I also picked up a cupcake charm necklace, it's the cutest thing, and just because it was $1.50, I  had to have it!

The Toronto adventures continue and whenever I'm in Toronto, shopping is a must! We've finally gotten a Forever 21 in Ottawa but I still find the Toronto ones better. I'm not a huge fan of Forever 21, but if I'm in need of a trendy piece or a going-out outfit, I usually stop by Forever 21 for a cheap and stylish piece.

I've usually by-passed the accessories area just because its always chaotic and crowded, but today it was pretty calm and some neon belts caught my eye. I've been on the hunt for a yellow neon belt for a while (still haven't gotten one yet) but a neon pink and indigo blue caught my eye. They were only $1.50.

$1.50. BEST. DEAL. EVER!!!

They look like they're pretty good quality to top it off. I still can't believe I got two belts, each at $1.50, it's simply unheard of. Highly encourage anybody who wants a neon belt to hit up F21 while they still have these super duper cheap belts for sale!


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