July 4, 2012

Concert Fab!

With Bluesfest starting today, many of us are probably stressing about what we should wear. Its a must to have the perfect outfit when  going to outdoor concerts and who knows? Maybe you'll meet an extra cute guy while you're there ;) Here are my top three summer concert outfits:

Concert Outfit #1

Concert Outfit #2

Concert Outfit #3

Key things to remember when dressing for an outdoor concert:
- Comfort: you don't want people stepping on your feet not do you want sore feet from heels
- Sun safe: remember to stay well hydrated, use sunscreen and bring along sunglasses and/or hat.
- Have fun! :D


P.S. Bluesfest is an outdoor concert festival in Ottawa where many artists all around the world come to perform and have a blast! LMFAO, City & Colour, and Metric are just some of the big name artists that are performing this year.

P.P.S. Need to get into the summer mood? I've been listening to Summer Swagger by timeunwinds on 8tracks and its definitely my go to summer playlist this year.

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  1. nice picks! really like those studded shorts and orange mullet skirt


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