June 22, 2012

YSL no more?!

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Recently, I have been made aware that YSL is dropping the Y so it'll become SL Paris. SAY WHAT?! Yup, you heard read correctly. Though most people do already refer to YSL as SL (Saint Laurent) so it wouldn't be a huge jump. But considering that the power brand fashion house is still going to keep its iconic YSL logo on its bags, makeup cases and such. Why not just leave it as it is? I personally like Yves Saint Laurent better than Saint Laurent Paris. Yves Saint Laurent is what I grew up with, its a brand many aspire to own a piece of and to collect, cherish. Now Saint Laurent Paris just sounds young, more contemporary in a way and I don't think that's what YSL would want to project. They could potential lose a lot of market share and loyal customers (shit, studying for marketing is blurring reality). What do you think? Do you think Yves Saint Laurent should stay or go?


P.S. To read more into the history behind Yves Saint Laurent click here.

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