June 30, 2012

Orange Crush


Adding a little sophistication with a slithery belt ;)
My go-to sandals for the summer!
A little too close for comfort...
Rockin' the bracelets to add a little flare.
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: My mom's closet
Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters
Mint green bracelet: ATOD Designs by Charlotte!
Gorgeous smile: Born with it :) (with a little help from Dr. Chumak)

Hey everybody!

You must be thinking "Who's the chick in the obnoxiously orange dress?" Well, fellow Bloggers, my name is Rachel and I'll be tagging along with Charlotte to a few events this summer. So you might be seeing me around here more often.

For Flaunt Ottawa, I wanted to wear something trendy and fresh! So I immediately thought of this dress!

I love it! It's probably my new favourite colour right now, orange. I can't help but be attracted to it!
This dress has an amazing cut new the collarbone area, which, I think, makes the body look slimmer. It also has an amazing cut-out at the back! And the skirt. Love it.

I dressed it up with accessories that I found lying around in my house. That's a really good tip for any of you guys looking for something to spice up your outfit! You never know what you will find! Seriously.

Happy Canada Day!!
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  1. i love this dress! you look reallly gorgeous in orange! <3


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