June 22, 2012

Floral Shorts & Summer Hots

Outfit: BCBG T-shirt, Floral Shorts from Bluenotes, Shoes from Zara, Sunglasses form Public Butter
Bag - Clinique
Shoes: Zara TRF lace up ankle boots
Bracelets: Leather with name - gift (yup, my name is actually Charlotte, but Charlie works), green silk bracelet - ATOD Bracelets, White bangle - DIY, Swatch watch, two star bracelets - gifted
Woot! Finished my summer course today, wrote my final exam and I'm super happy I have the next two  months to relax and hangout with people. This summer is off to a pretty good start, I now have a bunch of time to work on my jewelry line and lots of time to get cracking on a bunch of DIY projects!
Anyways, outfit for today was a light baggy t-shirt (BCBG - one of my favourites), plus floral shorts and arm candy. I've always thought of myself as anything but a girly girl and I've always said I'd never do floral.....well that went out the window because I got these shorts. They're my favourite summer purchase right now and I am in LOVE with them! They're kind of edgy and not overly feminine which I like. Not to mention they were very affordable, I got them from Bluenotes for $18, so definitely a good price for shorts. You can still get them here. The best part about these shorts are that they're going to transition into fall perfectly paired with black tights and baggy sweaters.

Check out my jewelry here!


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  1. so sweeeeet!
    great blog!



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