June 29, 2012

DIY Macrame Bracelet

Want to make your own macrame bracelet? I've been makign bracelets ever since my parents sent me to summer camps way back when. I'd always be the kid who wouldnt want to go swimming and would rather continue doing arts and crafts and drive the counsellors crazy! Inspired by other designer macrame bracelets like the ones form Max & Chloe, click below for the DIY steps for a fun macrame bracelet :)


The bracelets is pretty simple, the hardest part is mastering the square knot. You can click here and here for instructions on how to do the square knot.

Materials: Beads and some cord, I used Chinese Cord
Thread beads on to the cord
Cut the loop of the cord
Tie knots on both ends of the main cord and take a longer piece of cord and start your square knots
I did about 25 square knots before my first bead, but this will wary depending on your wrist size, bead size and cord thickness
Complete the rest of the bracelet with square knots
To make the bracelet adjustable, knot square knots with a spereate piece of string around the ends overlapped
After completing the around 8 square knots, pull the end taunt and trim them. To prevent from fraying, use a lighter and melt the ends provided the string/cord you are using can be melted. Do not attempt with cotton or leather cord!

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  1. Hey! I was wondering what the beads you used were called and where to get them? Thanks!


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