March 14, 2017


As much fun as it has been to be on blogger, this site will be moving. So in lieu of a post this week as I prep things on the other end I'm giving you guys this message. Stay tuned and hang in there, DECONSTRUT will be back up and running soon!



March 7, 2017


Nothing is more perfect than crop tops plus high-waisted jeans. Here is  an easy DIY for a side lace up crop top perfect for that transition from winter into spring with the high-neck line.

I've actually had this DIY made a while ago but never got around to photographing outfit photos of it to complete the blog post. Which looking back now is kind of a shame because it has become a go-to top in my closet and could be in yours too! It's perfect for a night out with the girls or date night. I love it in white because it contrasts with my hair and plays up the tan in my skin. It's a little bit sexy with the open sides but is also balanced out with the mini turtleneck neckline. It's just overall a very on trend item that's easy to mix and match with anything in the wardrobe.

DIY TIME: 1 hr

DIY COST: $ - $$

What you'll need:
  • Crop Top (I got mine from Dynamite, similar here and here)*
  • White bias ribbon
  • White lace
*My advice is to get a shirt one size bigger since you will be folding over the sides a bit and it will be cut down on the width of the shirt

  1. Take a pair of scissors and cut the sides of the shirt
  2. Take approximately 2" sectiosn of the white bias tape and sew them into loops, you will want to make 20 of these.
  3. Make sure the shirt is turned inside out and pin the loops with the edge folded over
  4. Sew, I used a machine for this but this can definitely be hand sewn, it'll just take a little longer
  5. Make sure the loops on the matching side line up to the loops you've already sewn on
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. Thread in the lace, I used around 50cm per side, in a criss cross pattern and tie it into a bow on the bottom

March 3, 2017

WSC Submission 2017

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to make it into the TOP 64 for the PENSOLE x Footlocker World Sneaker Championship!

Inspired by diversity and history, this shoe aims to tell a story about Canada. It draws inspiration from the Aboriginal culture to highlight an important part of Canadian history and the obstacles it still faces today. The shoe features a custom knitted upper with a hand-carved and painted graphic outsole.

It would mean a lot if you could head on over to the site to help me move onto the next round for Top 32. Voting ends March 10th, so be sure to get those clicks in! Head on over to WWW.WORLDSNEAKERCHAMPIONSHIP.COM  and click on my name (Charlotte Poon) to cast a vote my way! Be sure to check out the other designs on there as well, some super cool and talented individuals have worked very hard on these designs.

Learn more about my design in my submission video :)

February 28, 2017


OMG... I don't think I've every loved socks until now. Fishnet socks with sneakers are just SO HOT. Like auto 10 cool kid points hot. Its a subtle touch of texture for those who don't want to venture all the way to full fishnet tights (aka me) but still give that touch of sexy edge. And trust me, I'm not a sock person but these socks... these socks will have me wearing them while singing 'Black Socks' at the top of my lungs hoping that this trend never dies.

Don't get me wrong I also love this trend with heels, these socks can really do no wrong!

When you thought loafers, couldn't get any cooler...

Anyways, as you can tell I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this trend and you'll definitely be seeing me rocking it this spring!

If you're looking to purchase some fishnet socks, here are some links:

Images from Pinterest

February 21, 2017


Liquid lipsticks have officially finally become my lip product of choice for doing my makeup when I'm going out or just in the mood for a little bit of colour. I just love the longevity of liquid lipsticks and the matte look for winter. What I don't love so much is how chapped my lips get after wearing them so here is an easy DIY to have a super delicious lip scrub on hand to get rid of dry flaky lips and say hello to a luscious pout. I have been guilty of licking this off my lips instead of wiping it off, but it tastes soooooo good!

DIY TIME | 15 mins or less

DIY COST | $-$$

What you'll need:
  • A small cosmetics container
  • coconut oil (solid, 1 tbsp)
  • honey (1 tbsp)
  • granular sugar (2 tbsp)

  1. Take a mixing container and put in your sugar, coconut oil and honey
  2. Mix well 
  3. Pot into the small cosmetics container and scrub away!

From left to right: Lolita by Kat Von D, Celebrity Skin by Jeffree Star, Leo by Jeffree Star, Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star and Smashbox's Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse

My top 3 picks for Liquid Lipsticks:

My favourite brand by far for liquid lipsticks are the Velour Liquid Lipsticks by Jeffree Star. I know there is a lot of talk around Jeffree Star as a person, but I stand by his products, they are THE best liquid lipsticks I have tried. I own three shades, Celebrity Skin, Leo and Unicorn Blood. Unicorn Blood is by far my favourite of the bunch. Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks aren't sold here in Canada, I have ordered them from his website and Beautylish, both came super quickly and were packaged quite nicely.  They have a sweet scent to them, candy like and dry down super quick. They are extremely lightweight and do not feel extremely drying, also they have crazy lasting power even through food and drink.

Another favourite is Smashbox's Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse. This colour in particular was created with Lilly Singh and it is a bright red which would look fantastic on any skin tone. The formula is a mousse-like and extremely creamy so it doesn't feel drying on the lips. Doesn't wear as well as Jeffree Star but still lasts a decent amount of time and layers up beautifully without flaking or cracking. Definitely the most comfortable out of the bunch.

Lastly, I enjoy the cult classic Lolita from Kat Von D. It's a lovely pinkish nude shade that goes well for everyday makeup looks. I find that the longevity of the colour is the worst out of the other liquid lipsticks I've mentioned above but fades away the nicest, sometimes leaving behind a faint stain so it's not super noticeable when it has worn away. I also like to apply this one by dabbing a little on top the lips and rubbing it in with a finger for light colour all over the lips without having the full matte lip look.

If you guys have other liquid lipstick recommendations please leave them down below! As you can see I'm into the nudes and deep reds, not really a pink gal but I'm game for anything!

February 14, 2017


Valentine's day gives the excuse to any girl to get something new into her wardrobe. This off-the-shoulder feather dress is a perfect wow piece for the occasion and I first saw it done here. Granted the online dress cost way too much I decided to try the DIY route and was able to replicate a similar thing at a much more cost effective price.

DIY TIME: 30 mins or less

DIY COST: $-$$

What you'll need:
  • Strapless black dress (mine is an old one from H&M) similar here
  • Feather Boa*
*I wanted bigger feathers so I opted for an ostrich boa, but for those of you who want something a little less in your face, I recommend getting just a marabou boa, it has shorter feathers.

  1. Make sure your feather boa is long enough to wrap around your torso and arms
  2. Start tacking your feather boa at the back of the dress, if your dress is a pull over dress with no zipper and made of a knit material (aka stretchy), stretch out the material as you tack down the boa along the top edge.
  3. Continue tacking along small stitches here and there until you get about one or two inches from where your arm would hit the side of the dress if you were to have it on and arms casually by your side.
  4. Leave approximately 10-12inches of the feather boa out, and around 3-4inches on the dress before continuing to tack down the boa along the front of the dress.
  5. Tack the rest of the boa along the front of the dress and repeat step 4 to fit in the other  arm.
  6. Continue tacking the rest of the boa along the top of the dress until you reach the back, trim and just make sure the ends are well blended together
I particularly like the base dress I used for this one, because it is so form fitting it easily can be folded or covered with a skirt so that the dress turns into a top and its a super fun way to get a 2 in 1 with your DIY! #stylehack

February 7, 2017


Last year, the off the shoulder trend was a huge hit for spring and summer and this year I don't think the trends will stray very far. I've been particularly drawn to sleeve details and ties mixed with a structured material. These images have me wishing for warmer weather to bring on the whites and brights. I can't wait until I can shake my shoulders in the sun with these fun designs. It really elevates the basic white poplin shirt with something a little bit more girly and fun, yet still edgy and a bit disheveled... but in a good way.

Images from harper & harley and Pinterest
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